Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's A SAD, SAD World

I watched a video on YouTube several months ago of a young man, a young VEGAN man doing a cooking demonstration death metal style.  He, in his black t-shirt with black painted fingernails, satanic symbols tattooed on his arms, was sacrificing vegetables with his satanic ritual knife.  (I swear!! LOL)  I sat through it with a blank, quizzical look on my face thinking this video is just wrong on so many levels.  But, of course, satanists can be vegan too!

Tonight, I have been sitting here thinking about the SAD (Standard American Diet) world and all its woes.  It's hard to see something for what it really is when you're right in the midst of it or until you discover something better.  When I discovered juicing and the, "Eat To Live" lifestyle, I was overjoyed and horrified at the same time.  Overjoyed that I had "seen the light" and horrified when I learned that all my life I had been consuming processed, food-like concoctions that can only result in disease and death.  It's the stuff horror movies are made of!  And, I still want it sometimes even though I hate that I do...

What really miffs me is that I tend to pack up all the reasons to stay away from that crap into a box and shove it to the back of the closet until I'm finished binging.  Then, I'll dig through the closet of my mind and remind myself of all the reasons to stay away from it. 

After a binge I visualize a scenario of wallowing in filthy, disease-ridden mire. I feel ashamed and then hurry back to all that is good and healthy.  And, then, like God, my body forgives me and begins its healing process...

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